A skincare and CBD wellness line born from Japan, but with an international mindset

The MUKOOMI mission is to promote the beauty of diversity through simple, loving crafted skincare and CBD products for all types of people.

We believe beauty starts from the inside and shines out; that’s why we’ve created a line of wellness products that harness the power of CBD.

Skincare shouldn’t be confusing, so we’ve kept it simple by creating accessible products that cover all the basics.

This earth has gifted us with so many precious gifts, like CBD, and we are passionate about protecting its environment. We are working on minimizing our environmental impact, which is why all our bottles are recyclable glass and why all MUKOOMI products are strictly not tested on animals.

We want to be part of your daily wellness routine.

Our core mission is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their gender, age, or ethnicity, has the foundation they need to harness their best selves. MUKOOMI wants to help you to shine from the inside out.