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Meet: Marta and Adrian

While on the whole Tokyo appears to be a homogenous country, in reality, there's a lot more diversity than meets the eye. The name MUKOOMI means to 'see beyond,' so we've decided to launch a blog column celebrating those who see no boundaries to what they can do.
Mon, Jul 20, 20

What the media is saying about MUKOOMI

MUKOOMI's range of CBD products were released just last month, but we've already received lots of love from both our clients and the media. Here's a round-up of some of the kind things people are saying about us and our products. CBD oil and CBD products are making waves in Japan. Thank you for being part of this new adventure.

Mon, Jun 29, 20

How CBD affects the skin

CBD skincare is taking over the market abroad; it's only a matter of time before we see CBD-infused products dominating Japan's skincare scene as well.
Mon, Jun 15, 20

A guide to taking CBD oil effectively

Today so many people across the world use CBD oil as a natural remedy to a multitude of different reasons, such as physical ailments, stress, and sleep. How, when how much CBD to take can be, at times, a confusing process to navigate. So to help you out, we've put together a guide to the most effective way to take MUKOOMI CBD oil.
Mon, Jun 08, 20

Everything you need to know about CBD oil in Japan

Starting your CBD journey is an exciting time! But with so much information out there and uncertainty about the legality of hemp products in Japan, knowing what to trust is difficult. So we’ve put together a simple, concise run down everything you need to know about CBD oil in Japan.
Mon, Jun 01, 20

MUKOOMI's cofounder Priyanka Yoshikawa was featured in Tokyo Weekender Magazine!

Tokyo Weekender is the longest-running English language Magazine in Japan. It reports on lifestyle, culture, art, music, events, and fashion to its hundreds of thousands of readers each month. In March, the magazine published an in-depth interview with MUKOOMI cofounder Priyanka Yoshikawa. 

In the interview, Priyanka spoke candidly about growing up mixed race in Japan, overcoming bullying, her experience with CBD, and the creation of MUKOOMI. You can now also access the entire interview online via the Tokyo Weekender website.

Mon, May 25, 20

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