What the media is saying about MUKOOMI


Beauty, lifestyle and culture publication MYLOHAS recently published a round-up of the best easy to use CBD items on the market right now. In the round-up, they mentioned MUKOOMI's CBD Eye Serum, praising its "light, smooth, gentle" qualities and calling it an eye serum that "brings out the hidden beauty" in its users. Read more about it over here.


Savvy Tokyo is Japan’s leading source of lifestyle, culture, beauty and wellness information for English speaking women in Japan. Having already featured MUKOOMI in a story highlighting the benefits of CBD last year, the publication went in deep with this feature on the company’s co-founder Priyanka Yoshikawa. 

In this spotlight interview, Priyanka spoke about her experience growing up as a mixed-race individual in Japan as well as the importance of showcasing and celebrating diversity in this current age, and of course the benefits of CBD. If you want to know a little more about the key figure behind MUKOOMI, you can read the story over here.


“Despite its taboo status, cannabis, otherwise known as hemp, is penetrating the Japanese market due to its health and beauty benefits,” explains Japan’s Metropolis Magazine in their recent feature on the expanding domestic CBD market. 

Featuring quotes from MUKOOMI’s CEO, and in-depth discussions on the product’s benefits both for the skin and the mind, this story is an excellent overview of the CBD industry in Japan as it currently stands. If you want to learn more about the rise of CBD in Japan, be sure to read this piece.


Tokyo Weekender is the longest-running English language Magazine in Japan. It reports on lifestyle, culture, art, music, events, and fashion to its hundreds of thousands of readers each month. In March, the magazine published an in-depth interview with Priyanka. 

In the interview, Priyanka spoke candidly about growing up mixed-race in Japan, overcoming bullying, her experience with CBD, and the creation of MUKOOMI. You can read the English version on the Tokyo Weekender site, or we’ve translated it into Japanese on our blog.


Japan Today is one of the nation’s most widely read English news sources. The website published a feature style announcement on the release of MUKOOMI following the launch of the e-commerce store. You can read it on the Japan Today website.


Want to know how a founder of a CBD skincare line takes care of their skin? Well, global female culture and beauty powerhouse publication Hypebae ran a feature interview on Priyanka for their “Beauty Essentials series.” 

In the piece, Priyanka talks about her life, career, and “some of her favorite makeup items and skincare regimen along with her experiences and views on beauty.” Check it out.

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