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brand story

It’s the first thing you see when you look at someone. it’s the face you put forward to the world. it protects you from the elements, and sometimes, it defines who you are. except - skin is not about who we are on the outside, but what shines through from within. feeling comfortable in your skin means embracing who you are. and cbd embraces your skin by adapting to you who you are.

mukoomi cbd skincare is for you

Whether you’re a skincare fiend or just getting started. whether your complexion is dark, fair, tanned, olive, peachy. whether you have wrinkles, acne, dry flakes, or all of the above. whether you identify as he, she, ze, or they. at mukoomi, we’re passionate about skincare as a form of self-care for all. that’s why cbd is our wonder ingredient: it embodies the values of diversity, simplicity, and sustainability. cbd has love to offer every skin, and every person.

priyanka story

Skin has always been personal for me. as a half-indian, half-japanese, i grew up feeling like i didn’t belong anywhere. i was considered too “brown” to be a real japanese, yet not indian enough to call myself one. even though i was the first biracial winner of miss world japan in 2016, many people questioned if i deserved to represent japan. \n

I continued to struggle with my skin during my career as a model. it may have looked like a glamorous job. but all the travelling, late nights, and makeup took a toll on my sensitive skin, until i was breaking out with rashes. i had to cover my skin up with concealers and i consulted dermatologist after dermatologist; i tried creams and gels and steroids.

And the truth is, some of them worked! Kind of. My skin would clear up for a while, and then the rashes would come back whenever I was stressed. Those medicines never addressed the root issues.\nNothing did, until I found CBD.\nCBD isn’t just calming for my skin, but for my mind, too. Now, my skincare is about personal time and showing rather than covering\nup.

I know what it’s like to not have confidence or love the skin you’re in. That’s why I founded MUKOOMI: to share with the world that confidence is not just what you see on the outside. And confidence is not just about you. Accepting yourself makes it so much easier to co-exist and love others.

why cbd? benefits of cbd

Mukoomi features cbd as our main ingredient because we believe skincare should be:

MUKOOMI CBD is free from harmful additives. With our Certificate of Analysis, you can be assured of authenticity.

CBD is a single-source superfood for your skin. The MUKOOMI lifestyle is minimal and fuss-free.

Our hemp is organic, fast-growing, and completely biodegradable. MUKOOMI is a long-term solution, not a quick fix.

our ingredients


Fallopia Japonica

This hardy plant is native to japan, as well as other east asian countries. it’s both resilient and wildly abundant, making it a super sustainable choice.

Japanese knotweed is incredibly nutritious for your skin as well. it contains even higher levels of resveratrol than red wine or grapes.


Tremella Fuciformis

This special fungus is named for its unique appearance. it looks like a tuft of fluffy white lace, and it’s not just a pretty face.

Snow mushroom’s spongy texture indicates what it does best: soaks up moisture. this wonder mushroom draws hydration deep into your skin, leaving it dewy and fresh.


Centella Asiatica

Popularly known as “cica”, this traditional asian ingredient is all the rage in korean creams and skincare products.

It’s also called tiger grass because it turns out humans aren’t the only ones who have learned of this herb’s healing properties. legend has it that tigers rub the leaves against their wounds to repair their skin faster.


Rosa Rugosa

Whether it’s greece, persia, or india, ancient civilizations have revered the rose for its beauty, and for making skin more beautiful. rose petals are still used in luxurious spa rituals. even cleopatra famously bathed in pure and precious rosewater.

Our native japanese rose has similarly been used in cosmetic and medicinal treatments for centuries, and with good reason.