Behind the brand

About the creation of MUKOOMI

Mukoomi is my life's ambition, bottled. It represents who I am, and what I want to share with the world. 

The name Mukoomi is an expression of my background, but more than that, it's a dedication to those who also find beauty in diversity. ‘Mukoomi’ is a play on the Japanese words mukou (向こう) - beyond and miru (見る) - to see. Mukoomi is a call to action. It means to see beyond typical beauty expectations, see beyond divides physical or metaphorical. New and exciting things are born from when we come together, and infuse our experiences, our journeys, share understanding and appreciation for one another.

I want everyone to have the ability to see and reach far beyond what external limitations may hamper us from achieving our own personal greatness.  

I was born in Tokyo, my father is Indian, and my mom is Japanese. When I was young, I traveled to the US with my mom before moving to India to discover my heritage. In the US and India, I saw people from all backgrounds, all different walks of life, and it opened my eyes to what it means to be of mixed heritage.

Returning to Japan was also a huge turning point in discovering the challenges and rewards of being different. I had the darkest skin out of anyone I knew, I stood out, and in Japan that wasn't considered a good thing. The experience made me question 'identity' and my understanding of what that concept means.  

Although it wasn't always easy, my experience gave me the passion and drive to want to help people accept and embrace their differences. With Mukoomi I wanted to create a diverse product. Mukoomi is based in Japan, but it goes beyond nationality, identity, gender, or skin type. It's for you! 


Why CBD oil?

When I started modeling, I went through a lot of emotional up and downs. It was an exciting life, but it’s also a high-stress life; going to castings, being judged, getting rejected. 

I started to worry a lot, and I could feel the early stages of anxiety and uncertainty eating away at me. During my travels, I discovered CBD and spoke with a lot of people about its benefits. So, I tried CBD out, and it worked! It helped with sleep, anxious thoughts, and stress-related breakouts. It was a gradual process, but an undeniably beneficial one.

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