How CBD affects the skin

While battling with breakouts and other skin issues working as a model, MUKOOMI co-founder Priyanka Yoshikawa discovered CBD skincare in the US and had such a positive experience that she decided to bring the product to Japan.     

MUKOOMI is a wellness line, not a medical line, so if you have extremely sensitive or problem skin, speak to a medical professional.If you have decided to explore the world of CBD as a more natural-based solution to your skincare routines, then welcome aboard, we have some suggestions for you!

The anti-inflammatory potential of CBD

CBD has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which could potentially offer a more natural solution for treating inflammatory issues like eczema and psoriasis. 

Often many inflammatory skin problems are treated using topical corticosteroids. Still, steroids can have negative impacts on thinner areas of the skin, for example, around the eyes, in the armpit area, and near the groin.If you were looking for a product to help these sensitive skin areas, we suggest trying MUKOOMI's CBD Eye Serum, which is easy to apply to delicate areas.

If you have dry skin

Often many people with dry skin try to overcompensate by over-moisturizing.Over moisturizing can have negative impacts on the skin, leaving it unbalanced and doing nothing to assist with skin oil production.One of the best ways to maintain balanced oil levels in the skin is to use an oil that works with your skin.

A 2014 study discovered that cannabinoids (CBD) could work with the sebaceous glands and help regulate skin oil production.According to this study, CBD doesn't just offer a surface solution but battles dry skin at its source. 

If you use a toner but feel like some of the available products are a little harsh, or thick, try the MUKOOMI CBD Hydrating Facial Toner ,it's smoother and thinner than regular toner with the oil balancing benefits of CBD.

For those with acne-prone Skin

Similarly to how CBD can help dry skin, there is a suggestion that the regulation of oil production in the sebaceous glands can also help balance out oily and acne-prone skin. 

While the causes of acne can be triggered by a multitude of reasons-genetics, hormones, diet to name just a few-CBD's anti-inflammatory benefits may help soothe the impact acne's physical effects, such as redness and inflammation. 

Product That One MUKOOMI Assists With Oil Imbalance Is The CBD Skin Serum .  Just Apply The Serum To The Skin As A Base Layer Before Following With Moisturizer And SPF Protection.

For Wrinkles And Anti-Aging

CBD antioxidant-rich properties can help combat the signs of aging, like reducing inflammation, increasing oil production, and helping reduce skin dullness, and ruddy skin tone.

That said, we at MUKOOMI are proudly anti-”anti-aging” because we believe there's beauty in all ages, so don't expect any bold age reversal claims here. 

You Want To If Maintain An Even Skin Tone And Oil Production, We'D Suggest A Routine That Combines The MUKOOMI CBD Face Cream And Skin Serum . To Minimize Under-Eye Inflammation And Bags, Add MUKOOMI Eye Serum To Your Repertoire Too.  

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