"MUKOOMI is a CBD and skincare line that's passionate about diversity, inclusivity, and educating the public on the benefits of hemp"

Our mission
To ensure that everyone, regardless of their gender, age, or ethnicity, has the foundation they need to harness their best selves. MUKOOMI wants to help you to shine from the inside out.

Our vision
We want MUKOOMI to become your go-to name in hemp-based beauty and wellness solutions for all body types.

Why hemp?
Why hemp? In recent times, the question we should be asking is 'why not hemp?' The environmental, personal, and social benefits of using this plant have long been studied, discussed, and admired.

Hemp products are gentle on the earth; they're kind to the skin and good for the body. Hemp can also be grown practically anywhere, meaning that we can source our products from companies that are doing their bit to help uplift lower socio-economic nations.

All of our products have selected from suppliers that promise to not only deliver the highest grade product they can but also do their part in ensuring that they're taking care of the environment. We only work with partners who maintain the highest level of ethical sourcing, use organic ingredients, and work to leave a positive carbon footprint.

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MUKOOMI Customer Feedback Form
"Because you're the most important part of MUKOOMI." We're passionate about showcasing the beauty of diversity. That's why we want to hear from MUKOOMI users from all walks of life.

If you answer the questions below, MUKOOMI will send you a special gift of appreciation. Your comments and questions will help us grow. We can't wait to hear what you think!




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